Goal 9 simply put, is about “build[ing] resilient infrastructure, promot[ing] inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. It stands for the sustainable implementation of infrastructures with the support of innovation. The aim is to ensure that access to mobility services, water and wastewater, internet and energy is sustainable. For sustainable implementation, the efficient use of resources and the expansion of environmentally friendly and clean technologies play a major role. For public planning, requirements such as health, noise protection, air pollution control, climate change and adaptation as well as the protection of natural resources must be considered. However, private companies should also make their contribution to achieving global sustainability goals through sustainable management, i.e. production that conserves resources and produces few pollutants. Environmentally efficient measures can contribute to a sustainable and beneficial improvement of the human living and working environment.

Therefore, certain targets were formulated, to be able to differentiate between steps to be taken to reach every facet of this goal. Regarding infrastructure a focus was put on inclusion in terms of regional and transborder infrastructure as well as supporting economic development. When it comes to industrialization, the goal laid out, is the promotion of further inclusion and sustainability, thus the raise in GDP combined with the creation of more employment places shall lead to success. In addition, small and medium sized enterprises in ‘developing’ countries shall receive easy access to financing options enabling them to compete on the world market. The environment factor is also considered to be important in that regard, hence “increased resource-use efficiency”  and the emergence of clean technologies is emphasized. The worldwide capacity of research is to be enlarged in order to create innovative solutions for the industrial sector.


The UNOSDP (during its active times) had already taken action in terms of formulating the basic areas in which sport could contribute to reaching the goal. For example, they pointed out how the sport industry in every country is naturally part of the national industry and therefore should redound as well to sustainable economic growth and fair working conditions. Furthermore, innovative sport programs can strengthen the employability of all groups of people, but especially disadvantaged youth, and foster an inclusive society. Sport events in general should involve the local community in an innovative way on a long-term basis to ensure sustainability. With respect to the adoption of appropriate policies during these events, adequate jobs and capacity building could be enhanced leading to “social [as well as] environmentally sustainable development.” The aspect of guarding human rights specifically applies to the production of sport equipment, hence discrimination at the workplace and child labor should be prevented by all means.

Sports economic impact in the field of tourism should not be disregarded. Sport tourism, including tourism involving sport events, can create jobs and promote local culture and products, thus strengthening cultural awareness.


CHAMP project led by ENGSO

The ENGSO-led Erasmus+ funded CHAMP project aims to provide the sport movement innovative tools and education for modernisation, offering fresh insights of current trends and solutions for promotion of physical activity. 

Information: https://www.engso.eu/post/get-to-know-engso-s-new-erasmus-project-champ


Another example is a strategic alliance with a sports goods manufacturer that is financed through the develoPPP.de program. Its aim is to support disadvantaged children through sport-based education in selected primary schools in Brazil and South Africa. The new alliance also helps to promote exercise in general and thus prevent future costs in the healthcare system. More information (in german): Deutsches Engagement – Sport als übergreifendes Thema für Entwicklung nutzen


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